Brooks and Melissa’s SWEAT SQUAD

LIVE and on demand.

We created the Sweat Squad in an effort to keep our fitness community moving and motivated while social distancing. And we are keeping it going! Our beat based, heart pounding array of classes are programmed to balance your routine, so that you can work out with us every day. Come see what all the hype is about. We would love to have you join our Squad!

“Thanks to Brooks and Melissa I’ve prioritized my physical health and gotten back into a workout routine during quarantine. I knew it was more important now than ever to take care of myself and stay active during this time and I needed some external motivation. Enter Sweat Squad… I’m in better shape than I was back in pre-quarantine days ūüôā Thanks Brooks + Melissa!.”

-Lauren Wingard

Melissa’s Signature Classes


A beat-based total-body body-weight workout. Targeted muscle burnouts combined with high intensity intervals to build lean muscles and burn calories. 
Equipment: Mat


This class focuses on form and repetition with additional weight to build muscle, and high intensity intervals to elevate metabolism.  
Equipment: Mat and Weights


A total-body body-weight Tabata style class. This class will challenge your muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Grab two towels, this one is a killer!
Equipment: Mat


Challenge your strength, endurance, and coordination by developing Kettlebell skills. Techniques are put to the test in a final Kettlebell complex. This class is based in functional movement and is only offered in person. *coming soon

Brooks’ Signature Classes


Cardio, dance, and sculpting blended into one class. Get ready for a fun, motivating, and inspiring class with upbeat playlists. Not a dancer? No problem!
Equipment: Mat


This class fuses together all of Brooks’ favorite fitness styles: Barre, Pilates, Cardio, and Yoga.¬†Everything you need packed into one high energy class.¬†
Equipment: Mat


This ballet inspired barre and toning class creates long, lean, sculpted muscles.  High intensity without the impact. You just need a chair for balance!
Equipment: Chair and Mat


An effective circuit style class that blends both strength and metabolic interval training to create lean muscle mass. Get ready to to push beyond your boundaries in this high intensity class!
Equipment: Mat

Creating connection with movement through distance.

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